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  • "We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
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    Danseuse de la région de Mobaye (Oubangui)

    Jeune fille du village de Poto-Poto avec une coiffure de perles. Elève de la mission catholique, répondant au nom “”d’Héliani”“, elle fut repéré par Ellebé lors d’un tam-tam (fête) à Poto-Poto et devint un de ses modèles pour une série de photographies intitulée “”Eve noire”“.

    1943, Congo

    Going to attempt to translate this as best as I can (feel free to correct me):

    Dancer from the Mobaye region (Oubangui)

    Young girl from the village of Poto-Poto with a hairstyle of pearls. Student at the Catholic mission, who responds to the name “Heilani”, she was spotted by Ellebe at a tam-tam festival/celebration at Poto-Poto and became one of his models for a photographic series titled, “Black Eve”.

    Highly disturbing eroticism and exoticism at its finest. After some quick searching, I came across this blog entry that gives some background behind the intent of this photographic series (book here), and sheds some further light on the issue of black women’s (naked) bodies, and other non-Western women, as subjects for the intense, and at times perverse, sexual desires and fantasies of white men.

    There’s just something about “Heilani’s” expression, and the intense gaze of the white men in the background on her nude body, that embodies this fetish.

    Opinions welcome.

    - DynamicAfrica

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    Urban Fashion | Luxury | Blvk Acid

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    Urban Fashion | Luxury | Blvk Acid

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